Clock Information

Blue Ridge Originals clocks are all designed in produced in our workshop in Virginia. We do our best to offer clocks that are unique, attractive, classy, as well as affordable.

Our clocks are made with finished 1/4" oak and walnut plywood, which is a layered wood with an oak or plywood veneer. The veneer is finished with two coats of polyurethane on the front and one on the back to seal it. The oak is natural oak, the walnut is stained with a light classic walnut color to bring out the traditional hues.

All of our clocks are laser cut and laser engraved.

The Clock Movements

Our movements come with a one year warranty, but send us an email if they die after that time. Our movements have less than a .5% fail rate, and we test each of them before sending them out.

The movements' hands are currently all black, and will vary with clock size. There are at this time no choices offered on hand styles for the different sized clock faces.

Setting Your Clock

Please use the setting wheel in the back of the movement. The hands are held on with friction, so setting the clock by moving the hands can loosen them. If that happens, it's easy enough to push them back on; simply push the hand on both sides of the clock stem immediately next to the stem. 

If your clock begins running slow it's time to replace the battery.

Changing the Battery

Please use alkaline batteries (AA); an alkaline battery should last between ten months and a year. Changing the battery is as straightforward as it appears, simply take the old one out and put the new one in, being sure to match the positive side with that shown on the movement.