About us

Blue Ridge Originals designs, manufactures, and sells laser-cut and laser-engraved clocks in Oak and Walnut. 

Blue Ridge Originals was started by Michael Throne in November of 2015. The first six months were dedicated to working out designs and processes, in hopes of launching mid-2016 with a line of clocks that were unusual, attractive, affordable, and unique to the marketplace.

We strive to maintain a high level of quality in every clock we make.

Our clocks are designed and produced in Virginia. While the clock movements are imported and the oak and walnut plywood are bought in the Midwest, all of the actual work is done in Virginia. We take pride in producing these clocks here in the US, and anticipate continuing to do so as the business increases.

All our clock movements come with a one year warranty, but if you have a problem after a year, please send us an email. We don't want anyone with a non-functioning Blue Ridge Originals clock if we can help it.

blueridgeoriginals.com is the website of Blue Ridge Originals LLC.

Thank you for your business!