About us

Blue Ridge Originals designs, manufactures, and sells laser-cut and laser-engraved clocks in Oak and Walnut. 

Blue Ridge Originals was started by Michael Throne in November of 2015. The first six months were dedicated to working out designs and processes, in hopes of launching mid-2016 with a line of clocks that were unusual, attractive, affordable, and unique to the marketplace.

We strive to maintain a high level of quality in every clock we make.

Our clocks are designed and produced in our basement workshop in Ashburn Virginia. While the clock movements are imported and the oak and walnut plywood are bought in the Midwest, all of the actual work is done in Virginia. We take pride in producing these clocks here in the US, and anticipate continuing to do so as the business increases.

As we did in the old days with our windchime company, we hope to offer the very best in customer service. All our clock movements come with a one year warranty, but if you have a problem after a year, please send us an email. We don't want anyone with a non-functioning Blue Ridge Originals clock if we can help it.

We do not sell clock movements individually, nor do we wholesale at this time.

We strive to ship orders out quickly. We can currently ship most items in stock within a day or two. If a clock isn't currently in stock, we will ship it as quickly as possible (usually in a week or so), but we only have one laser and that laser does go down upon occasion, so the time frame may be pushed out longer, sometimes unexpectedly. Also, try to give us more lead time during the holidays as our backlog will increase and the Post Office will likely get slower. 

blueridgeoriginals.com is the website of Blue Ridge Originals LLC.

Thank you for your business!

Mike and Julie Throne


About the Designer: Mike Throne began his first business in 1980. Fresh out of college, he bought an old van and started buying and selling merchandise, including windchimes, while living in a popup trailer. In time, he began making his own windchimes and selling them at crafts shows and town festivals.

Twenty years later, QMT Associates had grown into the largest manufacturer of windchimes in the US, employing over 100 workers, and making a number of lines of high quality, American made windchimes such as Corinthian Bells, Arias, Weatherland, Majesty Bells, Gentle Spirits, Bells of Vienna and others. Mike designed and worked out the manufacturing details in each of these lines he created.

At the end of 2005, Mike sold the company to his good friend Jamie Baisden, who, with his wife Patty, continues to work at improving and refining the lines and techniques.

After a 10 year hiatus, Mike is back at it, doing what he loves best: designing. His clock designs are evolving slowly but surely, with many of the first designs already discarded for the next generation. He will continue to strengthen and evolve his designs as long as he owns the business.


About the Real Designer: Blue Ridge Originals is a company committed to honoring God and doing the Lord's work here on earth while we have the opportunity. We do what we feel is best, morally and ethically in our business practices, to both glorify him and to serve others. Though we will make mistakes along the way, we hope for his patience and blessing, and we hope to be a blessing to you.