"Liberty and Justice For All" American Flag 3DC Clock in Oak

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The American Flag Clock Series is a celebration of the dreams, beauty, and ideals of this country, and the flag that represents them. As a nation, we are not perfect, but the ideals we live by force us to reflect, to refine who we are, and as we do, the notion of "Liberty and Justice For All" becomes not just a platitude to be recited by schoolchildren, but rather our highest aspiration.

Our American Flag clocks are laser-cut in finished oak clock with a black background, and is available in 6", 8", 9.1", 11.5", 13.5", 15.5" and 17.5". The stars, stripes, and numbers are cut through, providing a crisp look, with the black background offset slightly behind the face to create depth. All sizes have a hook to hang the clocks on the wall, while the three smaller sizes also come with an easel.

The type of hands may vary slightly, based on clock size, and there will be natural color and grain variations in the wood. We design and produce all of our clocks in our home in Virginia.

The American Flag Clocks are the latest addition to our line of original clocks.

Shipping rates: $4 total per order (single delivery location) east of the Mississippi, $6 west of the Mississippi