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Eclipse Clock in Oak in 10" and 12"

  • $ 25.95

Our Eclipse clocks are different: gloss black hands against a flat black background, with an oak border. There are no numbers, only pieces of curved wood, like claws, projecting angularly out from the clock face.

Our pictures do not fully capture the lack of contrast between the hands and the black clock face. These clocks are definitely hard to read. But they look great, and there are those who will love this style and the attitude behind it every bit as much as we do.

We offer the Eclipse in a 10" (9.8" x 9.8") and a 12" (11.8" x 11.8") version

Our Eclipse clocks are likely best in a smaller room, an office or a bedroom.

All Blue Ridge Original clocks are designed and produced in Virginia. The clock movements come with a one year warranty.