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Walnut Orb Clocks with Custom Engraving

  • $ 19.95

Walnut Orb Clocks are round clocks laser cut and laser engraved from finished 1/4" walnut plywood. Custom engraving is an ideal way to help celebrate a special occasion or to display a quote or verse, and the wide open face of our Orb clocks make them perfect for lasering. Our custom engraved Orb clocks make fun, unique gifts, specially made for the recipient.

These clocks are made in 6" (6.375"), 8" (7.85"), 10" (9.8") and 12" (11.8").

To add custom engraving, simply choose the font, and then type in what you would like to have engraved. Use a slash (/) to indicate a line break. The engraving can go on either the top or bottom half of the clock dial, opposite the Blue Ridge Originals logo. Our custom engraved clocks cost $5 more than our standard clocks.

A black laser cut stand is available to make any of these clocks a desk clock.

All Blue Ridge Original clocks are designed, produced, and assembled in Virginia. They come with a 1 year warranty on the movement. As each clock is unique, there will be natural variations in the grain from the samples shown.

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